DELTASACS is a French manufacturer of flexible packaging, European leader in the manufacture of confectionery bags (Hard Bottom Bags) and stand up pouches.

The company specializes in the production of hard bottom bags, stand-up pouches, flat bags, printing of films to be delivered on reels, de-metallization and lamination.

DELTASACS was established in 1920 and currently counts 46 people. The turnover was 7 M €  in 2016.

The company has several production sites :

  • 2 in France => One site in Pont-Evêque (38), and one site in Saint Jean de Muzols (07)
  • 1 in Hungary

DELTASACS is committed to the environment: we have a thermal oxidizer and an integrated sewage treatment plant… a committed policy to economizing energy.

For sustainable ecological reasons and in order to comply with some international standards, our products are packed in cardboard boxes (100% recycled cardboard).We support local distribution channels and try to use European suppliers as much as we can.

DELTASACS’ offering is very wide !

Our hard bottom bags collection is waiting for you with more than 200 references availble from stock. If you want to discover our products, please ask for our catalogue.

We can also personalize your bags with your logo. Customization is the nice way to differentiate your products and highlight your brand.

Should you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail or use our contact form.