Quality – Reactivity – Tracking

Upon receipt of the digital files, we will work on the design and make all the prepress job.
We engrave the plates in house.


1.Philippe Bourgeois, our Prepress Manager, and our sales team will be delighted to deal with the creative and designing team or agencies in order to prepare the launch brief that suit the specs.
We will be sending the technical drawing that shows the accurate dimensions, sealing areas, and so on… so that the design will be created according to these parameters.

2.Upon receipt of the digital files, we will work on the design and make it to the right way to get the better result in flexo printing.

3.We will send a final proof that will have to be approved. This proof can be either a paper proof (for a line colour job), a pdf or a colour proof (GMG, calibrated colour proof) if the printing is a 4 colour process job or screen colour printing. The GMG (calibrated colour proof) will show the exact result we will get on press because it is made according to the press profiling program completed prior to the printing. This press profiling will determinate which profile the prepress team has to use according to the printing presses, inks, adhesives, plates, materials, ceramics, rollers.
Once the final proof has been approved and signed, this will be the target print for the press pass.
For pre-made bags, we will also send a mock-up to check the bag size and printing position.

4.We make our own plates in photopolymer. We engrave the plates. Some designs require continuous printing without break and in this case we will use cylinders and will still look after all the pre-press work.