Conventional stand-up pouch

Customised conventional stand-up pouch, made in France

Deltasacs offers its customers a flexible package that stands up, protects and preserves the food products it contains: the conventional stand-up pouch. This stand-up pouch can also be made of bio-based materials as an alternative to standard plastic films.

Why choose the conventional stand-up pouch, made in France?


The conventional stand-up pouch is made of polyester and polyethylene, guaranteeing significant barriers to odours, oxygen, and humidity. The polyethylene film can also be bio-based.


Compact and lightweight, the conventional stand-up pouch helps to keep transportation costs and CO2 emissions down.


It is customisable and satisfies the specific needs of your product, whilst displaying your image and your colours.

Choose the conventional stand-up pouch by Deltasacs France, for your industrial packaging
Advantages of the conventional stand-up pouch

The films used to manufacture the conventional stand-up pouch provide tremendous mechanical strength and effective protection for the products.


By protecting the product from all external contamination via the air or handling, this stand-up pouch helps to preserve the food products.

Options associated with the conventional stand-up pouch


  • Two-sided HD flexographic printing
  • Technical varnishes according to your product (matte varnish, paper-feel varnish, etc.)
  • Zipper or plug closure, cut-out markings, laser perforation for opening


Who is the conventional stand-up pouch for?

It's for manufacturers in all sectors: agri-food (biscuits, tea, cereals, dried fruits, chocolates, etc.), beauty products (soap powders, etc.), hygiene (laundry powder, bicarbonate soda, etc.), gardening (potting soil, fertiliser, etc.).


How much does the conventional stand-up pouch hold?


The conventional stand-up pouch, like other eco-friendly stand-up pouches, can be from 75 mm to 430 mm wide.

The Deltasacs advantages: We provide turnkey production: we take care of everything, from the moment we receive your graphic elements, to the delivery of your stand-up pouches, in France and all over the world.

Please contact our teams for more details. We are here in our Pont-Evêque (38) headquarters, ready to listen to you.



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