Full kraft recyclable bag

Full kraft recyclable hard-bottom bag by Deltasacs

Full kraft recyclable bag

The full kraft recyclable bag is made of 100% paper. It is immediately recyclable in the paper recycling system in France.


We have completely eliminated the plastic film; only a special varnish is applied to the inside to make the kraft paper greaseproof.

This varnish also seals the top of the bag.

  • Constituent materials : off-white kraft with edging
  • Available sizes : 100x220 mm (TTK3) and 120x260 mm (TTK4)
  • Users : artisans, chocolate makers, confectioners, biscuit makers, nougat makers, delicatessens, and organic produce.


Our full kraft bags


Do not hesitate to contact us to define the full kraft recyclable hard-bottom bag that best suits your needs and the constraintsrelated to your products. We deliver to you anywhere in France and internationally from our factories located in Auvergne Rhône Alpes.


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