Stand-up pouch: stock collection

Recyclable stand-up pouch collection, available from stock

Most eco-friendly stand-up pouches are produced on demand (customised production), but we also offer a generic model that is available in several sizes.


These bags are perfect when small quantities are required. The stand-up pouch collection is available from stock.


Stand-up pouch stock collection: quality and fast delivery

Stand-up pouch stock collection: quality and fast delivery - Deltasacs, made eco-friendly packaging in France

The stand-up pouch collection is of very high quality, stands up, has a zipped opening to close and open the bag. This packaging is produced in Auvergne Rhône Alpes (38). It is recyclable in the paper recycling system in France.


This stand-up pouch now contains 60% less plastic than a traditional film + film (polyester + polyethylene) stand-up pouch.


It is made of a laminate of off-white kraft paper with edging and a PE-EVOH-PE film.


Who is it for? The following sectors: agri-food (cocoa, chocolates, tea, biscuits, dried fruits, cereals, etc.), beauty products (soap powders, etc.), hygiene (laundry powder, bicarbonate soda, etc.), and gardening (potting soil, fertiliser), etc.

Available immediately from stock in four sizes, the stand-up pouch collection can be delivered very quickly
  • 110x185mm + 26mm Width x Height + bottom bellows (ZWD060 stand-up pouch)
  • 130x210mm + 35mm Width x Height + bottom bellows (ZWD061 stand-up pouch)
  • 160x240mm + 37mm Width x Height + bottom bellows (ZWB027 stand-up pouch)
  • 190x280mm + 43mm Width x Height + bottom bellows (ZWD062 stand-up pouch)



Stand-up pouch: recyclable stock collection

Etiquette emballage Doypack® recyclable en collection - Deltasacs France

Made of more than 51% paper (of French and European origin, PEFC certified), the stand-up pouch can be recycled in the paper recycling system in France.

You can add and highlight the “Recyclable” logo on your flexible package: “Please recycle - recyclable bag” (opposite)

View the recyclability certificate

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