Recyclable hard-bottom bag

Recyclable hard-bottom bag

Deltasacs, a flexible packaging processor, is also a pioneer in the area of eco-responsibility.

Hard-bottom bag recyclable as paper


The recyclable hard-bottom bags that we offer are made of papers that will be recyclable in the paper recycling system in France.

This means that you will be able to put the “Recyclable” logo on your packaging to highlight your choice of clean packaging.

This Deltasacs package is stable thanks to its hard bottom, and can easily be placed on a display case.


Every recyclable hard-bottom bag can be customised with your company colours and logo.See our customised hard-bottom bags.

Do you want to offer green packaging to your customers? Please do not hesitate to contact our teams to discuss your requirements for recyclable hard-bottom bags and the quantities needed.


Deltasacs, France, recyclable hard-bottom bag specialist