Recyclable customised spool

Recyclable custom printed kraft with PE or OPP films in reels

Recyclable customised spool by Deltasacs France, packaging specialist

Discover the laminated kraft paper reels with window, recyclable and customized.






Recyclable kraft film materials certified by an accredited laboratory




 Made of more than 51% kraft paper to suit French recycling system and be recycled in the paper recycling units




 Kraft paper is PEFC certified. The paper is from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources and it is from France and Europe



Less plastic


Use of a special varnish or coating to make the kraft greaseproof and heat-sealable and meet the requirements for plastic-free packaging




Possibility of a clear window onto the kraft paper to see through the package, thanks to laser cutting.




Kraft materials


Laminated kraft paper with high barrier films to replace structures such as laminated kraft paper/aluminium foil /PE films. The laminated kraft/film structures offer very good barrier properties to guarantee the product shelf life. (water and oxygen barriers)




HD flexo printing up to 8 colours



Do not hesitate to contact us to define the eco-friendly stand-up pouch that best suits your needs and the constraints related to your products. We deliver to you anywhere in France and internationally from our factories located in Auvergne Rhône Alpes.


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